La Caffettiera

The Gran Caffè La Caffettiera has been for 35 years the parlour of famous Neapolitan hospitality, where it is possible to taste high-quality delicacies prepared to enhance every single flavour, with ingredients chosen with great care. A brand created by the Neapolitan entrepreneurs family Campajola, who has been engaged for more than a century in the world of catering.

The Hours of the Day

La Caffettiera is the ideal place for all time of day. Starting in the morning with coffee and breakfast, the tour continues until late at night. Baked food, delicacies, sandwiches, tasty lunch time dishes, mini haute patisserie creations or chocolate specialities and rich aperitifs to accompany a cocktail or a good glass of wine: everything is prepared and packaged with care to go along with every hour of the day.

Beans of culture

Anecdotes, curiosities, secrets and insights related to the world of coffee. Beans of culture dedicated to the cult of the most loved drink by Italians.