La Caffettiera

La Caffettiera

The Gran Caffè La Caffettiera has been for 35 years the parlour of famous Neapolitan hospitality, where it is possible to taste high-quality delicacies prepared to enhance every single flavour, with ingredients chosen with great care. A brand created by the Neapolitan entrepreneurs family Campajola, who has been engaged for more than a century in the world of catering.

The history

The founder of La Caffettiera was, in the eighties, Antonio Campajola, father of the current owner, Guglielmo. Engaged in the food business with pizzerias and bars, with a great entrepreneurial spirit Antonio Campajola set up, in 1965, the Hostaria del Rugantino, a restaurant unique at that time.

The neapolitan coffee embassy

The Gran Caffè La Caffettiera is the first Neapolitan coffee embassy in Italy. The cooperation with Kimbo, a company that has been involved in the coffee industry since 1963, has allowed us to take a path aimed at laying down the rules of a good coffee – as if it were an etiquette – and at spreading the knowledge and the culture of the black drink.

Beautiful Italy sitting in the square

The district was born from the ancient village of Chiaja, once between the hilly area, which reaches Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and the sea coastline.

How we were

A discovery journey of traditions, recipes, customs, habits and moral guidelines of what Italy used to be.