The neapolitan coffee embassy

The neapolitan coffee embassy

The Gran Caffè La Caffettiera is the first Neapolitan coffee embassy in Italy. The cooperation with Kimbo, a company that has been involved in the coffee industry since 1963, has allowed us to take a path aimed at laying down the rules of a good coffee – as if it were an etiquette – and at spreading the knowledge and the culture of the black drink.

The basic idea that generated the creation of the Embassy was to create a friendly and welcoming place where coffee is being given the respect, attention and care it deserves.

At La Caffettiera, a simple coffee break becomes a unique and unmissable moment, at any time of the day. The coffee is ground in different ways according to the time of the day, cups are expressly designed for each blend to enhance the taste, lever machines are used for a traditional preparation to highlight the capabilities of the person preparing the coffee.

There is a small roasting facility inside the cafè which, at certain times of the day, spreads the aroma of roasting coffee, prepared according to strict rules. The first rule is using lever-operated machines, which, as mentioned earlier, enhance the taste of each coffee blend and provide a traditional preparation that highlights the ability of who prepares the coffee. The grinding of the coffee beans is then differentiated, taking into account the humidity in the location, according to the time of day.

Our customers can choose from a “Coffee Bible”, which shows the different blends used a tour cafè: it illustrates the sensory characteristics and the origin of the product, so that they can choose their favourite taste, also depending on the time of day, and learn more about the differences between the various blends. Special rules also apply to cups: each blend is served in a different cup, designed specifically to enhance the aroma and the scent.

Much attention is dedicated to the environment: La Caffettiera avail itself of a special system of collecting used coffee that contributes to the eco-sustainability of the product.

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