The Hours of the Day

The Hours of the Day

La Caffettiera is the ideal place for all time of day. Starting in the morning with coffee and breakfast, the tour continues until late at night. Baked food, delicacies, sandwiches, tasty lunch time dishes, mini haute patisserie creations or chocolate specialities and rich aperitifs to accompany a cocktail or a good glass of wine: everything is prepared and packaged with care to go along with every hour of the day.

The coffee

Coffee is a ritual, an excuse, a special moment marked by an ancient liturgy, a tradition that is celebrated every day. In the play ‘Questi Fantasmi’ (1945), the great Eduardo de Filippo said, in the famous scene of coffee on the balcony: “I, for example, could give up everything, except this cup of coffee, taken quietly here, outside on the balcony, after an after-lunch hour nap”.


We are an essential reference point for a break from shopping in Chiaia; our gastronomic offer is distinctive for the choice of a traditional Campania cuisine combined with a touch of novelty. Sicilian pasta timbales, Nerano pasta flans, Neapolitan rice timbale, fast dishes for a snack, lunch break or a work brunch in one of the oldest squares of Naples. Our cooking was created to meet the needs of those who cannot afford a long lunch break but do not want to miss the taste of quality raw materials and refined dishes.

The Tea

Tea is a fascinating drink that recalls ancient oriental rituals. At La Caffettiera we propose a new concept of tea, “Cuddles, the tea for Italians”: a wide range of teas, infusions and tisanes that merge the oriental perfumes and the most refined tastes of our customers’ palates. A cup of tea is a regenerating moment for us, whether in the morning, midday or afternoon, at the classic British tea time. Each cup will be complemented by revisited gastronomic combinations from the Neapolitan tradition.

Sweet moment

It is always the right time to pamper yourself with some sweets. Love, passion and care in the selection and processing raw materials are the secrets of La Caffettiera to creating a sweet soundtrack that completes the moments of our lives and our days.Let yourself go to the purest pleasure of many small daily delights to satisfy your desire and let yourself be surprised by the magic of sweets. A gift that you can give to yourself everyday to live a unique experience from the first bite.

The Aperitif

The aperitif in the shade of the lions in Piazza dei Martiri is a fundamental moment for us. Innovative cocktails inspired by Neapolitan characters and monuments are prepared with ingredients ranging from coffee to other flavours.