Sweet moment

Sweet moment

It is always the right time to pamper yourself with some sweets. Love, passion and care in the selection and processing raw materials are the secrets of La Caffettiera to creating a sweet soundtrack that completes the moments of our lives and our days. Let yourself go to the purest pleasure of many small daily delights to satisfy your desire and let yourself be surprised by the magic of sweets. A gift that you can give to yourself everyday to live a unique experience from the first bite.


The pastry shop of the Gran Caffè La Caffettiera starts from the Neapolitan tradition and transforms and reinvents it according to contemporary tastes. You must try our mini sfogliatella which, served hot, offer all the fragrance, flavour and aroma of the Neapolitan tradition. There is no cake or dessert that we cannot prepare. Our chef is ready to fulfil your every request to make special an important occasion.


Chocolate: it’s a temptation that is hard to resist to. Especially here at our cafè! We enjoy inventing every day cocoa, chocolate and bonbon delicacies to offer our customers tasty mouthfuls that go with coffee and satisfy the most delicious palates but also the most refined.
Our most appreciated creation is the praline “La Caffettiera”. Dark chocolate in the shape of a Neapolitan coffee pot, with a heart of chocolate and coffee ganache.
Tempting our customers is a pleasure that we cannot give up.


The IceCream Making

Our icecream making is intentionally seasonal to ensure our customers the icecream preparation with only fresh raw materials.

Classic icecream flavours obtained with selected products such as Piedmontese hazelnut, Bronte pistachios, Ecuadorian dark chocolate, Sorrento lemons and fresh seasonal fruit, but also a lot of innovation and research with savoury combinations: gazpacho on tuna tartar, ginger and basil lime with smoked swordfish, cantaloupe with ham powder.

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